Bhumi Pednekar wants to use her platform to save lives as COVID engulfs India

Bhumi Pednekar wants to use her platform to save lives as COVID engulfs India

Indian actor Bhumi Pednekar is stepping forth to help those in need as India battles its deadly second wave that has left the country in a state of turmoil. 

Opening up about her plasma donation drive, that she started right after she recovered from COVID-19 herself, the Pati Patni Aur Woh star said she wanted to use her colossal platform to do some good and help people in the midst of this escalating crisis.

“In the times that we are, my biggest resource is the reach that I have. And that’s exactly what I’m trying to do. I don’t feel pressurised as a person of influence but I feel overwhelmed just as a citizen much like any volunteer. We’re trying to help as many people as we can. I hope I can motivate people to come out and help as many people as possible,” she told Hindustan Times.

“Plasma donation is of utmost importance right now. Those who’ve recently recovered, they can reach out to me via social media. I’m guiding people through the process and save somebody’s life. I don’t want anyone to be lazy right now. Now is the time to stand up for our country,” she continued.

She further revealed why it is crucial for her to stay emotionally detached from the people she has been trying to help.

“My body is in auto mode. I’ve no idea what’s happening and that’s where I draw the power. The only thing that I’ve decided is to be detached from anything happening in this journey, whether good or bad,” said Bhumi.

“If somebody gets help, I don’t get overly excited. There are patients that we can’t help and even then, I try not getting overwhelmed. We’ve to move on because there’s no option,” she added. 

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