Bizarre ‘cheeseburger fish’ discovered by Russian fisherman

Introducing the ‘cheesburger fish’ (Credits: Jam Press)

A Russian fisherman has discovered a fish that looks just like a cheeseburger.

Roman Fedortsov, 39, spends his days working on commercial fishing trawlers and comes across all kinds of marine life.

He started documenting some of his more unusual finds and posting them on Instagram.

As you might expect, the internet loves it.

This latest discovery has been dubbed the ‘cheesburger with teeth’ by Fedortsov’s followers. And it’s garnered nearly 12,000 likes.

Alongside the cheeseburger fish, he has also posted a picture of a deep-sea dweller that looks like a cartoon character.

This is a strange-looking guy (Credits: Jam Press)
Wouldn’t fancy meeting this while out for a swim (Credits: Jam Press)

Fedortsov discovers most of the creatures in the Norwegian and Barents seas in north Russia, but has also found a few strange-looking beasts in the depths of the Atlantic. 

Despite the odd appearances, Fedortsov himself doesn’t consider them ugly.

He said: ‘In their own way all of these creatures are beautiful.’

All creatures are beautiful (Credits: Jam Press)

You can check out all of Roman’s strange findings on his Instagram account here.

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