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‘Bonecruncher’ the crocodile almost attacks Nine reporter

You know what they say about giving a smile to a crocodile. Can confirm, you don’t get one back.

This beast known as ‘Bonecruncher’ had a go at having me for dinner and I don’t think I’ve moved quicker in my life.

Despite the fright, Bonecruncher is the most special croc I’ve met in my Northern Territory adventures and I won’t hold a grudge.

He’s handicapped and one of outback croc wrangler Matt Wright’s favourite salty – they’ve got a one-in-a-million relationship which has taken eight years to build a mutual respect.

The bond is so strong Matt’s able to sit in the water with him.

I, on the other hand, certainly won’t be taking my chances.

Bonecruncher’s bottom jaw was ripped out in a croc attack and he’s missing his right eye which makes him extremely vulnerable in the wild.

See the video and hear Boncruncher’s story on 9News at 6pm.

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