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Brexit talks set to miss European Parliament deadline

LONDON — The U.K. and EU are set to miss another Brexit deadline — this one set by the European Parliament.

MEPs wanted a trade agreement locked in before midnight on Sunday to allow enough time for scrutiny of the text. But a U.K. government official said discussions would continue on Monday, meaning the Sunday night deadline would be missed. 

“Talks remain difficult and significant differences remain,” the official said. “We continue to explore every route to a deal that is in line with the fundamental principles we brought into the negotiations.”

Chief negotiators David Frost from the U.K. and Michel Barnier from the EU met on Sunday afternoon. Barnier tweeted afterward: “We respect the sovereignty of the UK. And we expect the same.”

Bernd Lange, chair of the European Parliament’s trade committee, tweeted: “The consequence of no deal tonight is obvious: the EP does not know the consolidated text, is not in a position to scrutinise before the end of the transition period. So make preparations now for a no-deal period and agree emergency measures with UK.” 

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