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British troops to get new high-tech drone software that ‘improves soldier safety’

After sending drones powered by Farsight software, it was shown that Russia had actually attacked a high school in a residential area.

“We were able to counter that narrative, showing that it was an urban, built-up area by taking images and processing that data in a matter of minutes,” Cahill said.

“What Farsight intrinsically does is allow soldiers to examine data faster than ever before, while reducing the cognitive load on the individual soldier, which translates into decision mastery.”

Farsight, already used by US Special Forces, will be used by 2 Royal Yorks, the British Army’s Experimental Battalion, from November this year.

Defense sources told the Telegraph that the device will “ultimately improve the safety of our soldiers”.

They added: “It saves time for people on the ground and is safer for soldiers as they use correct information and ultimately makes troops more lethal.”

This comes after the Telegraph revealed that all British military units are using Anti-drone technology that fits in a backpack.in a move that recognizes the changing nature of war.

The compact device, EnforceAir, discreetly tracks nefarious drones by sending short data signals that can transmit and hack adversaries’ equipment.

By employing radio frequency cyber detection and mitigation of takeovers, the device detects, locates and identifies unauthorized drones, which have become an increasing threat in recent years.

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