BTS singer Jungkook spars with MMA star Yoshihiro Akiyama, ARMYs love his ‘bad boy’ turn

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BTS singer Jungkook with MMA star Yoshihiro Akiyama

BTS singer Jungkook surprised the fans when a video of him sparring with a professional MMA fighter was shared online. However, for those who are unaware, this sparring session was a long time coming. MMA professional Yoshihiro Akiyama had seen a video of Jungkook practicing boxing in an Instagram video in April and commented, “Please tell him we should spar next time (sic).” Finally, Akiyama and Junkook were face to face inside the ring, all geared up for the challenge. 

MMA star Akiyama spars with Jungkook

After Akiyama expressed his desire to spar with Jungkook, his boxing coach replied, “BTS’ Jungkook saw the news and smiled as he said brightly, ‘Please murder me.” Now, this video of them coming together for a friendly contest is wholesome and entertaining.

Recently, Akiyama shared on social media a short video of him and Jungkook sparring and a photo of them giving a thumbs-up, with the caption, “Nice fight (sic).” 

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Jungkook puts on his boxing gloves

A few glimpses of Akiyama and Jungkook sparring were shared online by the former. Jungkook had his boxing gloves on and also wore headgear to avoid any serious injury. Akiyama also sported gloves during the challenge. In a clip, they can be seen coming face to face. Another image shared online shows them posing all smiles.  

Fans love Jungkook’s ‘bad boy’ side 

Twitter users were impressed seeing this side of their favourite BTS star. Reacting to the clip of Jungkook casually sparring with Akiyama, one Twitter user wrote, “So Jungkook is boxing and doing MMA… cool cool c-c-cool coolcoolcool cool (sic).” Another fan commented, “Jungkook’s good boy activities within a day: playing games with ARMY and boxing with a professional MMA fighter with apple hair. Like he’s so wholesome, it warms my heart (sic).” 

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What’s next for Jungkook? 

BTS recently announced that the band is going on a hiatus and the members will be pursuing their solo musical endeavours. After the announcement, J-Hope is the first BTS idol to release new music and his song More will be released on July 2 followed by the album, Jack in the Box release on July 15. Junkook, meanwhile, has been actively working on his mix tape for quite some time now, rumours have it that Ariana Grande is to make her appearance in his mix tape.






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