Buttermilk chicken burger – Make your own ‘son of a gun’

If you are a South African in London, you will likely know the bbar restaurant on Buckingham Palace Road. Have you ever tried their buttermilk chicken burger, also known as the “son of a gun” burger? Loaded with flavour and a favourite among guests and staff, this burger is a must-try.

The bbar restaurant forms part of the Red Carnation Hotel Collection and has so much to offer guests. The chef has generously shared this buttermilk chicken burger recipe with us. So, now you can prepare this mouth-watering burger in your own kitchen and wow your family.

This buttermilk chicken burger contains delicious buttermilk chicken and spicy coleslaw all loaded on a toasted bun. Each bite is a flavour-packed sensation loaded with a crunchy texture adding another depth of deliciousness.

If you find yourself in London, make sure to pop in at the bbar restaurant to enjoy a delicious selection of South African food. There you will see chilli bites, boerewors and biltong and everything that will gladden a South African’s heart.

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