Calls for calm after violent youth gang attack on Perth beach

New footage has merged of the youth gang violence that left two teens in hospital and several others injured in Scarborough, Perth.

The group of party-goers were repeatedly hit, kicked and stomped on between 9pm and 10pm on January 26, leaving two hospitalised and five injured, Perth Police said.
Police are tracking the perpetrators of a youth gang attack on Australia Day. (9News)

The attackers were heard chanting “BTK”, an initialisation of “Born To Kill”, which 9News has been told is the call sign of a notorious youth gang in the city.

Premier Mark McGowan called the incident “disgraceful” and “disgusting”.

Party-goers said it was the second attack in as many weeks from the group, which is targeting wealthier suburbs for theft.

Perth’s African community has called for calm.

“It’s heartbreaking. This vision does not represent our community,” spokesman Joe Tuazama said.

African community spokesman Joe Tuazama has called for calm. (9News)

“Some of these young people are going through cultural shock, some of these young people are here all by themselves, some of them are going through peer pressure.”

But it wasn’t just African teens involved, with alleged attackers from other groups also taking part, including — allegedly — a white Western Suburbs student.

Community leaders say they would like to be out with troubled youths on Friday and Saturday nights, offering them a free ride-home service to reduce violence.

However, they say they can’t without government help.

“What you do has implications on the entire African race here, and we are getting tired of it,” Mr Tuazama said.

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