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Home Tech Can you find all the face masks hidden in this picture?

Can you find all the face masks hidden in this picture?

The saga over face masks has been a tumultuous one as the global coronavirus pandemic has worn on.

Hotly-contested debate over their usefulness, *which* ones you should use and how and when you should wear them. It’s all been gone over plenty of times.

In among the seriousness there’s room for a bit of light relief.

Just like this particular design that recently appeared.

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New York-based illustrator Tomi Um created the above image for Popular Science and hid 24 face masks in the picture.

‘To crack the puzzle above, focus your attention on one small section at a time—otherwise your noggin will lock in on the biggest parts of the picture and blur out everything else,’ explained Popular Science.

If you want to know where they all are, then just click this link.

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