Cancer-stricken mom helps set up a billboard so that her daughter could find love

A Boston resident, Beth Davis, helped put a billboard so that her daughter could find love. Davis was prompted to resort to this measure after her metastatic breast cancer became more severe despite extensive long term treatment that had been going on since 2004.

When Davis realised that she does not have much time left, she was stuck with a sense of urgency to see her daughter Molly find a partner. With her daughter’s consent, she made a profile for Molly on Wingman, a dating app on which one’s loved ones vouch for a person.

Interestingly, when Tina Wilson (Wingman’s founder) found out about Davis’s story, she asked them if Molly’s profile could be made into a billboard. Soon the unusual billboard was put up with the words “Date my daughter” written on it. The billboard attracted much attention and became viral on social media.

While speaking to the media, Davis said, “Molly has always unselfishly spent a lot of time with us, including taking a leave of absence to fly to New Zealand last year [where I was] when I was diagnosed. Also Molly, like lots of young people, have had their social lives interrupted by these Covid years, so I really just wanted to help find her a special someone, I would love to know that Molly has a good life partner that adores her and puts her first, as I know she will him.”

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