Celebrity-Backed Jean Repair Campaigns

Partnering with celebrity Jaden Smith, among others, Levi’s Tailor Shop was launched in an attempt to boost sustainability practices in the fashion industry. The shops cut down on fast fashion waste and overconsumption by offering a creative space where Levi’s owners can repair and customize their jeans instead of throwing them away. With this move, Levi’s aims to embrace a more circular economy with materials for new jeans drawn from recycled old jeans rather than from newly extracted raw materials.

Levi’s Tailor Shops are a testament to changing consumer attitudes surrounding sustainability. The shops were launched after Levi’s Secondhand store, opened in October, which sells pre-loved Levi’s products. Levi’s Tailor Shops are free to join and offer free shipping on every order.

Image Credit: Fast Company / Levi’s

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