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Celona brings private 5g to Southeast Asian markets

CAMPBELL, Calif., Aug. 24, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Continuing its global expansion efforts, Celona, ​​a leading innovator in enterprise private wireless systems, today announced that it is expanding its global presence into Southeast Asia, establishing partnerships strategic. with leading service and solution providers in the Philippines, Korea and Vietnam to deliver next-generation 5G LAN solutions to enterprises across the region that will accelerate the use of private 5G to support a new generation of business initiatives.

Furthering Celona’s global expansion into the Southeast Asian market, the company recently signed an MoU with conglomerate TMT NOW Corporation and NOW Telecom in the Philippines, and non-binding agreements with mobile network operators throughout Southeast Asia, including Viettel in Vietnam. and Peratech and WIZCORE in South Korea. In addition, Celona has partnered as a reseller with Rhodos Consulting Group, Inc. to help facilitate its go-to-market strategy in Korea.

Under the MOUs, the companies will collaborate to develop a service model to jointly deliver turnkey Celona 5G stand-alone (SA) private wireless networks to a wide range of vertical markets, including ports, transportation hubs, factories and operations. logistics. The partnerships will focus on integration, interoperability testing and validation of a Celona private 5G solution, as well as sales and marketing strategies to deliver private wireless solutions across the region. MoUs provide strategic direction for companies leading to a future business framework.

Celona’s 5G LAN solution will benefit Southeast Asian enterprises and operators looking to easily implement a comprehensive private cellular network based on cloud-based architecture, using plug-and-play technology, self-organizing wireless connection, and sophisticated quality features. service that provide the highest levels of security, reliability, and deterministic performance.

According to Allied Market Research, the Southeast Asia 5G private network market was valued at $59.31 million in 2020 and is forecast to reach $1,939.60 million by 2030, growing at a CAGR of 41.9 % from 2021 to 2030.

Manufacturing, energy and utilities, transportation and logistics are expected to be among the most important sectors driving private 5G adoption, while increased investment in mobile computing and communications solutions is expected to by several countries, together with the increase in demand for low latency connectivity, influence the growth of the private wireless services market in the region.

Earlier this year, Celona introduced the industry’s first comprehensive collection of indoor and outdoor 5G NR products for the US and European markets that support a wide range of international 5G NR bands, including n48, n77, n78 and n79.

“We view private networks as the next mobile technology that will revolutionize the enterprise as digital transformation initiatives drive business transformation,” said Henry Andrews Abes, President and CEO of NOW Corp.

“As a strategic offshore hub, the Philippines represents a tremendous opportunity to deliver innovative private networks at scale in what is effectively an untapped market. With a best-in-class private wireless LAN solution designed specifically for the enterprise, Celona is an ideal partner to help us capitalize on this opportunity,” Abes concluded.

“The globalization of private wireless technology is undeniable as organizations look to exploit the benefits of private 5G to streamline operational efficiencies and improve productivity as part of their broader digital transformation efforts,” said Rajeev Shah, Co-Founder and Principal Cellona executive. “Celona is ideally positioned to capitalize on this global phenomenon and is confident that our market-leading products and technology will play a crucial role in establishing the right conditions to scale private 5G across all Southeast Asian markets.”

Based in Silicon Valley, Celona is a pioneer and innovative leader in private wireless solutions for businesses. The company is credited with developing the industry’s first 5G LAN system, a CBRS-based turnkey 4G/5G system that enables enterprises and mobile network operators to address the growing demands for more deterministic wireless connectivity for applications. critical business and vital use cases that are not met by conventional wireless alternatives. Celona’s products and technology have been selected and implemented by a wide range of customers, including Verizon, NTT, SBA Communications, Standard Steel, Haslam Sports Group and Schneider Electric. To date, the company has raised $100 million in venture financing from Qualcomm Ventures, NTT Ventures, Digital Bridge, Norwest Venture Partners, Lightspeed and Cervin Ventures. For more information please visit celona.io and follow Celona on Twitter @celonaio.

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