CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC : Wagner’s phantom reinforcements

It was supposed to have been one of the outcomes of the United Nations (UN) Security Council’s easing of its arms embargo on the Central African Republic (CAR) on 30 July.

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4IR can help us weather the storm

Across the world climate change is impacting our planet with extreme droughts, storms and flooding. This also affects source water quality and how much...

NORTH AFRICA/GERMANY/TUNISIA : Tunisian intelligence specialist appointed Military Attaché in Berlin

In charge of Tunisian foreign intelligence, Colonel Major Ben H. is soon to be appointed Defence Attaché to the Tunisian Embassy in Germany. Source link...

ICYMI- Kuilsriver father kills wife and daughter before killing himself

In a terrible family tragedy, a Kuilsriver father shot and killed his wife and daughter before he took his own life. Their son survived...