Chhattisgarh Police Recruit 13 Transgenders as Constables for the First Time

Chhattisgarh government on Monday recruited 13 transgenders policemen as constables during the recent recruitment. The candidates had a pleasant surprise after the recruitment results for 2019-20 were announced on Monday. Out of 13 candidates, nine came from the state capital Raipur.

Apart from the 13 candidates who made it to the selection list, two more candidates have got in the waiting list. Chhattisgarh has been one of the first states which recruited such a large number in the police service.

The news came as a welcoming news for the transgender community who thanked police and Department of Home. Mitwa Samit, an organisation working for the transgender community said that these candidates who took part in the exam have vindicated that given a chance, third gender community members could also rub shoulders with men and women in any field.

“This community also requires respectable life,” said the statement.

One of the recruits, Shaburi said that police uniform is always a proud attire but for her, it’s a matter of dignity. She accepted that in early childhood, she was different from the boys so she was teased and abused. After seeing that policemen get respect, she had decided to join police force long back.

Another candidate Shivanya said that she was thrown out of work as domestic help in childhood after she started dressing up as girls. In college as well, the torture continued as boys used to tease and abuse her calling her Mamu or kinner at times. Girls also used to look at her with contempt.

Naina who hails to Raipur was thrown out by family four years ago after she started living and dressing up as a girl. She had to beg from truck drivers in lockdown when she lost her job in a garment shop in Raipur.

Those selected in the exam include Dipika Yadav, Nishu Kshtriya, Shivanya Patel, Naina Sori, Sonia Janghel, Krishi Tandi, Shaburi Yadav; all from Raipur and Sunil and Ruchi Yadav from Bilaspur, Komal Sahu from Dhamtari, Akshara from Ambikapur, Kamta, Neha and Dolly from Rajnandgaon district.

Chhattisgarh Director General of Police DM Awasthi extended greetings to the successful candidates especially those from the transgender community.

(Input from Yugal Tiwari)

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