Chicken and mushroom pie – Indulgence for the family

Need some comfort food? We have just the recipe for you! This chicken and mushroom pie is loaded with flavour and contains all the comfort you need locked in one delicious meal.

This chicken and mushroom recipe comes with the most appetising thick sauce complementing the chicken and mushroom filling. Envelope all these goodness in a crusty pastry to make each bite a delightful texture and taste experience.

This recipe includes the method to prepare your chicken and mushroom pie in a pie plate or dish. However, if you want to experiment a little bit, you can easily prepare individual portion sized pies as we did in the recipe photos.

Each bite of this pie is pure indulgence making you long for more. This recipe serves eight people. In the unlikely event that you have leftovers, simply keep in the fridge and when ready to enjoy the following day, warm it up in the microwave.

Let us know if you have tried this delightful pie recipe.

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