‘Children are magic’: US teacher receives handwritten note from student after husband’s demise

A teacher from Massachusetts, US, was left feeling emotional after she received a handwritten note from her student consoling her over her partner’s demise. “As I grieve the sudden death of my husband, my students warm my heart,” tweeted Melissa Milner while sharing a picture of the note.

In the letter, the student wrote, “Dear Mrs Milner, I am so sorry for your loss. Even though you can’t see Mr Milner, you should still know that there will always be a line connecting your hearts. I hope you feel better soon.”

The note was accompanied by a drawing of Milner looking up at the sky and a string connecting her heart with that of her husband, who is up in the sky.

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Since being shared online, the post has gone viral and prompted emotional reactions among netizens. While many consoled Milner, others shared their stories of getting letters from students.

“My grandmother died my first year teaching, and a little girl who had lost her dad climbed a tree as high as she could so she could be close to the sky and tell her dad to lookout for my grandma. Children are magic,” read one of the many comments on the viral tweet.

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