Comedian Matt Richardson on the tech he can’t live without

After being caught out by some fake AirPods, the comedian’s staying loyal to Apple (Picture: Getty)

The comedian on his retro record player, bootleg AirPods and wine fridges.

What tech can’t you live without?

My iPhone 11 because it’s meant I can FaceTime my friends with a glass of wine. I’m waiting for my upgrade but I’ve had every single one.

I know — what a flashy idiot! I had an iPhone when there were no free apps and you couldn’t afford to have internet on them.

Matt’s had every model up until iPhone 11

What tech do you aspire to?

I use Apple Music and play it on my iPhone through Sonos One speakers that I’ve got in every room.

I’ve had them for three years and I like that you can play on all of them at the same time so if you have people over, it doesn’t matter what room they’re in.

I’m moving house and the houses we’re looking at already have them in the ceiling.

Sonos sound systems mean the music follows you around the house

What tech would you invent?

As a stand-up comedian I do 40,000 miles a year. That’s a lot of wasted time in a car but if it was driverless, I could do emails or read a book. It could be a much more productive time for me.

What tech is useful for gigging?

A watch is essential because when you’re doing comedy clubs, you have to stick to time. I’ve got a TAG Carrera Calibre 16. I use the stopwatch to time my set because promoters are strict.

Is there any surprising tech you’re a fan of?

My wine fridge — a Swan SR12030BN. It’s not the most glamorous wine fridge but it keeps those bottles cool.

Practicality is key when it comes to wine fridges

If money was no object, what tech would you buy tomorrow?

I’d buy a Jaguar E-Pace, the new electric four by four.

What’s your most extravagant tech purchase?

I’ve got a fully kitted-out, 24in desktop Apple iMac. It was probably £1,400, which for me is an extravagant purchase.

I’ve had it for eight years and it’s never failed me. I’ve had it updated a couple of times with new RAM. I do all my finances on it and I put all my videos and podcast stuff on it.

Most disappointing tech?

I bought some knock-off Apple AirPods. They were £30 online and I was like: ‘They’ll be fine! Who needs expensive tech?’ Then I got them.

They were ropey little headphones that spoke to me in Chinese. Three days later, I bought the expensive ones.

What’s the most retro tech in your life?

A load of vinyl. I like to think I’m trendy. I play it on a GPO Attache Retro record player.

Matt plays his ‘trendy’ vinyls on a GPO Attache Retro record player

Have you had any tech fails on stage?

The audience is forgiving when a microphone cuts out or the lights go halfway through because it’s not your fault. My problem is when you get there and it isn’t working to begin with.

Matt Richardson has partnered with Jacob’s Creek wine to champion their Double Barrel range as part of their Barrel Of Laughs campaign.

To see Matt on tour, visit

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