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Comfort Or Confidence? How To Nail Your Back-To-Office Style

‘Normal’ clothes still feel a bit weird, don’t they?

From oversized hoodies to our go-to sweatpants, one unexpected thing the pandemic brought us was a renewed love for comfort-driven fashion. Overnight, loungewear morphed into workwear.

But as we settle back into office life, we’re realising that these lockdown looks don’t always leave us feeling our most confident. Sometimes, it feels good to get dressed up for work.

At the same time, not all of us feel ready for pandemic revenge dressing – the trend of dressing with a touch of melodrama, as a big f-you to Covid.

But don’t panic, help is at hand for those who’ve struggled to find the right balance. We asked Beth Goodrham, stylist and creator of the online styling programme Your Style Solution, for her tips on back-to-work attire.

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