Cork dermatologists take home prestigious awards for patient-focused research

Eczema affects one in five children in Ireland and roughly one in 12 adults, according to the Irish Skincare Foundation

The South Infirmary Victoria University Hospital Cork’s dermatology department has won two prestigious awards for its research into the burden of treatment in atopic dermatitis.

Dr Eilis Nic Dhonncha with the Rogers Plate, presented by the Irish Association of Dermatology

At its Autumn meeting, the Irish Association of Dermatology gave its Rogers Plate for best research to Dr Eilis Nic Dhonncha, following her presentation of research into the burden of treatment in adults with eczema. The condition affects around 8% of people over 18.

Meanwhile, Dr Cathal O’Connor took home the Martin Beare Award for best research in paediatric dermatology, after he presented the department’s work looking into the burden of treatment in children with eczema. Children have a higher rate of eczema, with one in five reporting the condition.

Dr Nic Dhonncha said: “Burden of treatment is defined as the workload of healthcare experience by those with chronic conditions and consequences on well-being and the high burden of treatment results in an inability to adhere to treatment plans and poorer outcomes for patients.”

Dr Cathal O’Connor holding the Martin Baere Award

Dr O’Connor added: “The burden of treatment in eczema is high, due to the need for multiple different treatments, high levels of healthcare utilisation, and costs of treatments, clothing, and healthcare.”

Dermatologic Therapy has accepted the paediatric study for publication, while the adult study is in a late stage of publication.

Dr Michelle Murphy, consultant dermatologist and lead author of both studies, said: “The results of this research will be used to help doctors to optimise prescribing practices and treatment plans for our patients and to reduce the burden of their medical needs.”

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