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Coronavirus Australia latest updates: Victoria records 116 new cases and 15 deaths as parliament returns – follow live

I’ve always said that the best form of welfare is a job. And I appreciate that many, many people have lost their jobs.

The figures today that treasurer Josh Frydenberg has announced with 700,000 of those who did lose their jobs initially are now re-engaged with the workforce. But there are jobs in regional Australia.

And what we do need more of in this sector and this area is more mobility.

What we do need is people being able to perhaps move to a regional area. Something that they might not have otherwise thought of.

There are many, many jobs in agriculture, in the resource sector. Indeed, crying out for chefs, crying out for people to do all sorts of work.

And if Covid-19 has taught us anything, you can live in regional Australia and you can work, have a job, you might as well be in a boardroom in Sydney for the connectivity being able to Zoom into meetings.

Regional Australia has led the way as far as the relief and recovery efforts are concerned because mining and resources and agriculture and construction has continued at a pace through the situation, through the downturn, and there are many, many jobs in regional Australia.

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