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Well, they’re very appreciative, mate, of the 35 years. I mean, people who are listening to you over the last few years or longer than that. It’s an extraordinary career by any estimation. And beyond that, there’s a broader contribution to public life on so many issues, which your program this morning is rehearsing all of those.

But can I recall one on behalf of the grateful members of the Southern Districts Rugby Club. Back in 2007, I was running for parliament and that year the then-New South Wales rugby union was trying to boot Southern Districts out of the premiership, together with Penrith and who are sadly … sorry, not Penrith, Illawarra and Penrith. And you stood up with us and, I mean, you came out to the club and you’ve been to the club many times since then.

And Southern Districts has gone on from strength to strength since then and so I’m sure all of them would want me to pass on to you, mate, our thanks for that.

But there are so many stories like that everyone can tell. Some were at a big national global scale, but some of them are just saving a great footy club. So, mate, thanks very much, and Jenny and I want to wish you all the best for your future.

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