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Coronavirus Australia live: two tennis players test positive and two cases reclassified but no reprieve from quarantine

Obviously we have said consistently through the last four years the alliance transcends any individual, it is the centrepiece of Australia’s foreign policy, it’s our most important relationship.

But there is no doubt that this has been a tumultuous and challenging time for America’s allies including Australia and we look forward to President Biden’s administration delivering on the commitment he has made to invest more strongly in alliances and to recognise that alliances are the central aspect – a central aspect of US power.

Scott Morrison has corroded the alliance by the way he has approached his relationship with Donald Trump. He has put his political affinity with Mr Trump and his own political interests ahead of Australia’s interests and the values in the alliance.

It was Scott Morrison who attended effectively a campaign rally for President Trump and critically it is Scott Morrison who’s failed to call out Mr Trump and defend democracy as other world leaders have. And he continues to indulge the conspiracy theorists in his own ranks instead of disavowing them which would be an in our interest for him to do.

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