Coronavirus Australia live updates: 30-year-old Queensland Covid-19 victim named as Nathan Turner; NSW ski fields to open

For us to go forward and to lift those very onerous restrictions that have been in place now, we must do more testing,” she said.

We have the capacity in Queensland to test 10,000 Queenslanders every single day.

We have not even reached half of that number, so I implore Queenslanders, if you have any symptoms at all, or a fever of 37.5 degrees Celsius or above, or a history of fever, then please come forward and get tested.

There’s a number of reasons for that. First, it is vitally important for you.

Although we don’t have an effective pharmaceutical treatment, or a drug treatment for this virus, we do have really, really good supportive care we can offer here in Queensland.

We know of the 15 people who’ve been admitted to ICU in Queensland, 14 have survived, because we have great treatment available.

So please, come forward and get tested for your own sake. Come forward and get tested for your family’s sake, because we know the most likely transmission is within a household.

So if we can test you, we can stop you spreading it to other people if you have them in your household.

And come forward for your community’s sake. Because then, if you have got a case, we can contact-trace around you and make sure we don’t end up with an outbreak.

This is really, really important, as we lift restrictions going forward.

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