Coronavirus Australia update: Andrews to address explosive allegations of branch-stacking by Victorian MP – politics live

I have no doubt that Daniel Andrews will show the resolve that he’s shown, frankly, on a policy level to bring Victoria through the current crisis and that he’s shown in strong leadership being offered to rebuild Victoria with the infrastructure development with the economic and social program he has implemented over recent years.

That’s what he’s interested in, the people of Victoria.

One of the things that’s sad about this report is that it will further undermine people’s confidence in the political system. People seek political power, I would hope, so that they can redistribute power is my aim in favour of working people, in favour of ordinary Australians, so we can make a difference to people’s live, improve living standards, improve the natural environment through taking action on climate change, improve social equity.

They’re the sorts of things that should drive people into politics. What we saw last night was an individual who’s driven to seek power for its own sake.

That is sad when we see it. We see it at various levels in – we have seen it from both political parties from time to time with individuals.

That’s not what drives me and that’s not the sort of people that I want to be in senior positions in the Australian Labor party.

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