Coronavirus live news: Brazil Covid-19 cases near 1m as WHO hails steroid treatment ‘hope’

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UK cases pass 300,000

Argentina’s president enters voluntary isolation amid coronavirus surge


Arizona governor to let mayors require masks as Covid-19 cases surge

As coronavirus cases surge across the state, Arizona’s Republican governor said he would no longer block mayors from being able to require local residents to wear masks.

But governor Doug Ducey held off from issuing a statewide mask-wearing requirement, even after hundreds of Arizona medical professionals sent him an open letter this week, outlining the evidence that masks save lives and asking him to require citizens to wear them.

Mask-wearing has become a charged partisan issue in Arizona, one of the key swing states in the 2020 election. Donald Trump is expected to visit the state for a rally next week, even as coronavirus cases and deaths are rising rapidly.

For days, the Democratic mayors of Phoenix and Tucson, the state’s two largest cities, have been speaking out, asking Ducey to change the executive order that has blocked them from mandating any public health guidelines in addition to the ones that the governor himself had approved.

WHO hails steroid treatment ‘hope’

Brazil cases near 1 million


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