Coronavirus live news: Saudi Arabia closes borders to hajj attendees as global Covid-19 cases pass 9m

Texas to remain ‘wide open for business’ despite dramatic Covid-19 rise

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has said the state will remain “wide open for business” despite seeing a dramatic 10-day rise in Covid-19 hospitalizations and infections.

An average of 3,200 Texans per day are now being admitted to hospitals, Abbott said, double the rate in mid-May. Abbott called on Texans to wear masks and continue social distancing to slow the spread of coronavirus but stopped short of making masks mandatory, and made no call for businesses to restrict services.

One expert described such voluntarily guidelines as a “hodge-podge” of public health measures.

“To state the obvious, Covid-19 is now spreading at an unacceptable rate in Texas, and it must be corralled,” said Abbott, a Republican. However, he said reimposing stay-at-home orders was a “last resort”, and that Texas will remain “wide open for business”.

Global cases pass 9 million

Saudi Arabia closes borders to hajj attendees


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