Coronavirus live news: UK chancellor ‘pushes PM to relax holiday rules’; mass testing amid China outbreak

Latest updates: Rishi Sunak says restrictions ‘out of step’ with international rivals, according to media reports; China battling worst caseload in months

11.20am BST

Shadow cabinet member Luke Pollard said he was not convinced that the government’s incentives rollout, with companies offering discounted takeaways and taxi rides if they get a coronavirus jab, would work in encouraging the final 30% of young people to get vaccinated.

Speaking to LBC, Labour’s environment spokesman said:

Kebabs for jabs? If it is an initiative that helps increase the number of people coming forward, then let’s give it a go.

We do need everyone double jabbed, especially with the big stick the ministers are proposing using in terms of restricting access to certain services, which I’m very cautious about in terms of these domestic Covid passports, and Labour certainly is as well

10.54am BST

Ethics expert Professor Dominic Wilkinson, asked about the government’s intention to demand clubbers show proof of being double-jabbed to gain entry to night spots, told LBC:

I’m not sure if they are the right thing to do, but there are a couple of reasons why they might be useful.

One is that if cases go up and nightclubs are going to be closed again, then the nightclub owners might well say, ‘can we at least remain open for those who are double vaccinated?’ That would seem sensible.

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