Coronavirus: PM Imran says ‘smart lockdown’ to be imposed in Punjab

Prime Minister Imran Khan addressing media in Lahore, on June 13, 2020. — Geo News

Prime Minister Imran Khan on Saturday refuted claims that the government plans to impose a complete lockdown in Punjab — the province with the most fatalities from coronavirus — saying that a “smart lockdown” would be enforced instead.

PM Imran was addressing media in Lahore, after chairing a meeting regarding the coronavirus measures taken in the province.

The government decided in the meeting against the imposition of a complete lockdown and agreed to ensure a strict implementation of the SOPs.

The premier said there was a prevailing impression that a complete lockdown is being imposed in Lahore and rejected any possibility of such a measure.

“Imposing a lockdown means shutting down the economy,” he said.

The prime minister said that a “smart lockdown” will be imposed instead, adding that the government will ensure that the standard operating procedures are followed.

The premier said that he made a decision along with the Punjab government officials, to identify and shut down hotspots.

PM Imran said that the Corona Relief Tiger Force will recruit more volunteers and assist the government in ensuring the rules are being followed.

The premier said that a “smart lockdown” is the only option for the country, and that if Pakistan were a rich country then imposing a lockdown would have been an option.

“New York’s mayor, the city which wealthiest in the world, is saying that it is going bankrupt,” said the prime minister, adding that if such a disastrous situation is prevailing in the US city, “then what could happen in Pakistan?”

He regretted that people were not taking the outbreak seriously.

“I am sorry to say that people are just not following SOPs. They think that there is no such thing as coronavirus and they don’t know anyone who contracted the disease. People think nothing will happen to them,” he said.

The prime minster warned that if the SOPs are not followed, the country will undergo a very tough phase.

“If we are permitting you to resume activities then it is your responsibility to follow the guidelines,” he said.

Declaring facemasks mandatory for everyone, the premier warned that strict action against those flouting the rules will be taken.

The prime minister said that the government is expecting July to be a difficult month.

“I will also visit the other provinces. From now onward, I will be personally monitoring the situation and checking for compliance on the SOPs from the PM Office,” said the premier, adding that he will also take input from the Tiger Force regarding the situation on the ground.

Overview of Punjab’s situation

Presenting an overview of the situation in Punjab, provincial health minister Dr Yasmin Rashid said that about 40% capacity is available across the province.

About 10,000 beds are available which have been set aside for coronavirus patients, she said. She also said 502 high dependency bed units are available.

Around 3,055 people are currently under treatment for COVID-19, of which 215 are critical and 193 are on ventilators.

Health Minister Punjab Yasmin Rahsid addressing the media in Lahore, on June 13, 2020. — Geo News

She said a total of 540 ventilators had been set aside for COVID-19 patients, so the remaining are still available.

“We should be okay for the next week or ten days if people exercise caution,” she said.

She said that the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) will arrange an extra 1,000 beds equipped with oxygen supply.

Speaking about ventilator availability in Lahore, says that a total of 197 ventilators were allotted for COVID-19 patients in public hospitals and 104 in private facilities.

Currently, 63 are available in public hospitals and 72 in private hospitals, she said.

The minister also spoke about the injection ACTEMRA for which trials will be carried out. She said that earlier the drug could only be imported from Japan, but now the drug regulatory authority has allowed for it to be imported from the US as well.

She cautioned that the government will take action against those hoarding the drug to sell it at higher rates.

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