Coronavirus updates LIVE: Morrison government reveals JobKeeper ‘error’ as global COVID-19 cases surpass 5.1 million, Australian death toll stands at 101

So often it’s the rats and mice that change the face of history, writes Elizabeth Farrelly. The sword glint that triggers the battle that ends a dynasty. The undercooked bat stew in some far-flung futuropolis that changes the shape of every life and city on the planet for a year, maybe forever.

Our cities will change, post-pandemic. No doubt about it. But as to how they will change, we have a choice. We can use this portal to change Sydney for the better or, via bad collective life choices, for the worse. Now is the moment.

Now is the time to choose whether COVID-19 will change Sydney for better or worse.Credit:Kate Geraghty

Most of us live in cities, so their future is our future. But their future shape is hard to see, not least because the two biggest threats to human survival – COVID and climate change – seem to point in opposite directions. Climate demands we live more densely, sharing more and consuming less. COVID, at first glance, seems to demand our spread. But maybe it’s not so simple.

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