Could our working lives have changed for the better?

Those who would’ve usually commuted into an office and sat at a desk for the best part of eight to 12 hours a day, five days a week, have had to navigate a very different working world for the last few months.

Working from home has undoubtedly been one of the biggest talking points of the coronavirus pandemic. On Instagram, it’s been mentioned 1.5million times. TikTok #wfh videos have amassed a staggering 248.8 million views.

Tune into your “peak energy hours.”Credit:iStock

But the end is nigh. In the next month, Australian businesses will drip-feed staff back into offices around the country. And it’s likely those who’ve missed coffee runs, attire other than casual-wear and even their colleagues will breathe a hearty sigh of relief.

But Melbourne-based productivity and life coach, Sandy Ewing, says to simply return back to the traditional working day is actually missing a unique opportunity. She believes this time, where businesses and staff have evolved to survive through a pandemic, has been a brilliant testing ground on productivity away from the working model we’ve followed for decades.

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