Could Russia’s invasion of Ukraine trigger a global food crisis?

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    Conflict driving up costs for wheat, corn and other staple foods.

    Russia’s war on Ukraine has created fears of a global food crisis.

    The two countries supply a third of the world’s wheat and are major exporters of barley, corn and sunflower oil.

    Fighting has disrupted exports, leading to record prices for the staple commodities.

    Many countries in the Middle East and Africa, such as Egypt and Yemen, depend on importing wheat from Russia and Ukraine.

    So, will the higher prices put global food security at risk?

    Presenter: Folly Bah Thibault


    Patrick Mardini – Economist, Leadenhall International for Market Solutions

    David Laborde Debucquet – Senior research fellow, International Food Policy Research Institute

    Daragh McDowell – Geopolitical risk consultant specialising in Russia and the Caucasus

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