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Customs and Border Protection will update the app to screen Ukrainians applying for travel authorization to the US.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection will update its CBP One app to screen and vet Ukrainians seeking refuge in the U.S.

The Advance Travel Authorization (ATA) application functionality, linked to biometric information provided by non-citizens seeking permission to fly directly to the US, will soon include Ukrainians.

This review is part of a step for United for Ukraine, a commitment by the Biden administration to temporarily welcome Ukrainian citizens and others fleeing Russian invasion and aggression. according to a CBP Federal Register notice released on Wednesday.

“This process allows Ukrainian citizens and their qualified family members the ability to submit certain personal information to USCIS and CBP to facilitate the issuance of advanced authorization to travel to the United States to apply for parole,” the notice states.

The CBP One biometric collection is limited to a live facial photograph, but will be updated to include physical location at the time of presentation. This collection is intended to determine whether an individual seeking a discretionary grant of parole at the port of entry is eligible for ATA.

“This data element will further secure the shipment process and provide accurate identity information to complete the investigation prior to a travel authorization,” CBP wrote in the notice.

This feature of the app has also been used for people seeking to travel to the US in regions such as Haiti, Colombia, Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Cuba as part of the Family Reunification Parole process.

The app also collects another photograph of the individual’s passport, along with additional information including an alien registration number and a passport number.

While CBP operates the app and allows individuals to submit their biometric information to obtain advance travel authorization, it does so in partnership with sister agency, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, which issues and approves the Form I-134A to ensure that non-citizens have financial support for their stay in the US.

CBP is requesting feedback from the public and affected agencies on these updates over the next 60 days.

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