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‘Daily Show’ Guest Sarah Silverman Burns Anti-Woke Right-Wingers With Blunt Talk

Daily Show” guest host Sarah Silverman gave right-wing figures a lesson in what “woke” really means during her monologue on Wednesday night.

The topic came up earlier this week in the White House briefing room when Newsmax reporter James Rosen asked, “To wit, is President Biden woke?”

Silverman mocked his word choice ― “a person who says ‘to wit’ is usually a t-wat” ― and offered a free lesson in how to do his job.

“This guy really thinks ‘Is Joe Biden woke’ was like a hard-hitting question,” she said. “The real hard-hitting question would be, ‘Is Joe Biden awake?’”

That led her into deeper look at the issue of “wokeness” that figures on the right use dismissively on everything they don’t like or understand.

“What I know woke to mean is like, learning new things about people or the world and then acting accordingly like basic kindness, maybe a gesture of care to people who are more vulnerable than you,” she said. “You know what? Actually you wouldn’t like it, it’s Jesus stuff.”

Silverman said right-wingers often complain that wokeness is being “pushed” on them.

“Nobody’s pushing shit on you,” she fired back. “You’re acting like a beta cuck.”

Then she offered up some blunt talk to explain what she thinks is really going on:

“Woke for the right is really just an umbrella term so that they don’t have to say specifically that they’re pieces of shit. It feels cooler to say ‘I’m not woke!’ then the truth, which is ’I’m terrified of what I don’t understand and I only know how to process that as anger because I can’t look inward.’ To wit!”

See more in her Wednesday night monologue:

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