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Democracy is being stolen: Priyanka Gandhi’s mockery of the BJP in Karnataka

Taunting Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP) Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi Vadra on Tuesday said the saffron party is stealing democracy and urged people to cast their votes for the great old party.

Priyanka Gandhi, addressing a public rally in Karnataka, a city close to the elections, said: “Nowadays, there are various types of thieves in the country, some steal from houses…now, some thieves ‘who steal from governments ‘ They have also come, they are stealing democracy… stop them….”

Earlier, on April 30, while launching an attack on Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Karnataka, an election site, Congress Secretary General Priyanka Gandhi asked the Prime Minister to take a lesson from Rahul Gandhi saying that the former congressman is willing to give his life for the country.

Addressing a public gathering in Jamakhandi, Priyanka said: “I have seen the first Prime Minister who says in front of the public that they are being abused. The Prime Minister does not have a list of problems facing the public, but a list of abuses.” Modi ji, learn from my brother, who (Rahul Gandhi) says ‘Gali kya mein desh ke liye goli kha lunga’.”

She said: “If I start counting the number of abuses hurled at my family and the personal insults the BJP has committed, I may have several books to publish.”

Priyanka said the PM doesn’t care about people’s struggles and instead “comes crying to you to gain sympathy.”

“The Prime Minister of Karnataka is only interested in how he can make a 40 per cent commission. The state of Karnataka has been plundered for empty promises of a dual-engine government. It is time to teach these ‘jumlebaaz’ leaders a lesson and vote. remove them from power in Karnataka,” said the Congress leader.

Earlier on Sunday, Priyanka Gandhi held a roadshow in Kudachi, Belagavi on Sunday. “Who brought the inflation? Who looted the people? Who made you suffer by introducing GST? Who handles 40 percent of the government commission?” she said in kudachi.

Priyanka Gandhi lashed out at the Bharatiya Janata Party, saying that the party (BJP) has betrayed the public and claims that the party is trying to “divert people from the main issues”. “BJP has betrayed the public at all levels. The party is trying to divert the public from the main issues, which are unemployment, lack of development work etc,” he said.

Highlighting the issues being addressed by the Congress party for the upcoming Karnataka elections, Priyanka Gandhi said the party will not divert the public from the real issues.

“This election is for the public to choose their leader. They are very aware that they have been looted and they want a change now”, added the leader of the Congress.

Priyanka Gandhi further mentioned that the Congress has kept all its promises and has worked for the people.

“BJP makes false promises and never delivers. But Congress has kept all its promises. Congress always has a motive to work for the people and not betray them,” he said.

“You have seen the work of Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi and you all have confidence that we will do something for the public,” Priyanka added.

The Karnataka assembly elections will be held in a single phase on May 10, with the vote count scheduled for May 13.

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