Derek Chauvin trial: top crime scene investigator into George Floyd’s death testifies – live

Sometimes there are many more protesters, sometimes not so many, but always this group, there hoping to witness justice for George Floyd, who died under the knee of Chauvin in south Minneapolis last May.

They hold signs, amplify chants with a bullhorn and circle the courthouse with the aim of encouraging peaceful protest.

“I get up at 5am and I’m usually out here a little after 7am every day,” John Stewart Jr, 57, said, as his Black Lives Matter flag fluttered in the wind.

Stewart, an ordained pastor in the city, and the “core of seven” generally stay put in their chosen spot behind the courthouse for the entire length of an average work day: 9am to 5pm, or longer.

He brings food and drinks but sometimes doesn’t eat until he gets home, he told the Guardian earlier this week.

Seeing elders like Stewart protesting daily encouraged Elul Adoga to join those outside the courthouse.

“I’m 22, I can get out of bed at 8am and come and support people,” she said.

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