Development agenda items rejected, only one on land pooling passed

It was for the first time that all development-related agenda items were rejected by AAP and Congress that had sought voting on them.

The AAP has 14 councillors and Congress has seven councillors while the BJP has just 13 because of which the agenda items were rejected.

Only one was approved that was the need to bring in a land pooling policy.

A table agenda item was brought in on land pooling policy. It was approved by all the councillors.

BJP councillor Kanwar Rana said that there is a need to bring in a policy for these villagers as they should also get some compensation in lieu of the land taken for government purposes.

The agenda item sought to bring in a policy for inhabitants of villages on the periphery.

As per notification dated May 25, 2009, and January 18, 2019 issued by the UT Finance Department, only abadi deh of the villages comes within the jurisdiction of Municipal Corporation.

It was stated that the Municipal Corporation will provide services in the areas covered under Abadi Deh areas in respect of the erstwhile villages transferred to the Municipal Corporation.

The areas beyond the limits of Abadi Deh in these villages will continue to be dealt with as per the provisions of the Act, rules and policies, as applicable to these areas and violations in the areas outside the limits of Abadi Deh/Lal Dora.

These will be dealt with by the offices of DC/SDM concerned or any prescribed authority in accordance with the applicable provisions of the Periphery Control Act as applicable to UT of Chandigarh.

“Thus, the Municipal Corporation is providing the facility to the villagers of Abadi Deh, that is approval of building plan, NOC for electricity and water connection. The inhabitants of periphery are facing problems for approval of building plan, NOC for electricity and water connection. Therefore, it is hereby proposed that the House should send a request to the Chandigarh Administration to bring in land pooling policy for the residents of the erstwhile villages of Chandigarh,” it was said.


On the basis of voting, the AAP and Congress rejected the agenda item of conversion of the civic body’s vacant properties from leasehold to freehold.

Charanjiv Singh, former nominated councillor and president of Chandigarh Beopar Mandal, on behalf of the traders stated that it is unfortunate that the agenda item was rejected.

“It is unfortunate that MC house has rejected the agenda for selling MC property on freehold basis instead of leasehold. MC house has missed the opportunity to earn revenue by selling property which has been lying vacant for long. I, as a councillor, have worked hard on the issue and the last House had also passed resolution urging the Administration to allow MCC to sell property on freehold. I urge the councillors of all parties to reconsider the issue in the next House for the benefit of MCC and general public,” he said.

The House also rejected the agenda item of the charges under construction and demolition waste policy and the fine amount of pet bylaws that were to come up for discussion.

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