Did the Pandemic Change How You Feel About New York City?

It’s a moment of transition for New York City.

The Delta variant is still a concern, though with new leadership for the city and strengthened by the experience of the past 18 months, the next iteration of our collective and singular response to Covid-19 might be different.

For many, even those of us who still had to go in to work every day, the pandemic was a moment when our needs and wants came into sharp focus.

We want to hear about the times when you learned something profound about living in New York City since the start of the pandemic. Maybe it was a surprising interaction with neighbors or a communal release at your first party. Or maybe after the umpteenth fight with a roommate, you decided you needed a change of scenery.

Tell us your story.

We may share some of them during our subscriber online event on Aug. 19 about the future of New York City, or publish them on the site.

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