Disco Chips – It’s all 80s with these fully-loaded disco chips

If you were a teenager or young adult in the 80s, you know what Disco Chips are. They are the perfect late-night meal after a night out on the town to ease the massive hunger from dancing all night and settle the stomach. We are bringing the nostalgia back with this delicious disco chips recipe.

Disco Chips bring back memories of late-night roadhouse adventures after a big night out and we want you to experience the joy once again. This delicious meal is also called “fully-loaded fries” in other parts of the world. These fully-loaded chips are great as a starter for a braai or rugby game on TV. You can even serve them as a starter before going out on the town or going old-school and having them as a midnight snack.
When chopping up the potatoes into fries, you should keep them in a bowl of water until done and dry them off completely with a paper towel before slowly adding them to the hot oil for frying. Drying the potatoes will keep the hot oil from going all over the place when frying and help your potatoes crisp up a lot better.

There are very few things as satisfying as potato chips, bacon and cheese, right? Experience the best years of your life with these amazing Disco Chips.

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