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DMK Leader Kanimozhi Inaugurates 2-Day Butterfly Festival at Blackbuck Sanctuary in Tamil Nadu

Kanimozhi, DMK MP from Tamil Nadu’s Thoothukudi district inaugurated the two-day maiden Butterfly Festival at Vallanaadu Blackbuck national highway, conducted on November 29 and 30. The decision to launch the 2-day festival in the Blackbuck sanctuary was taken by the Department of Forestry. The sanctuary is home to a variety of snakes, butterflies, and other animals, including blackbuck, sambar deer, spotted deer, fox and porcupine.

Butterflies are one of the wonders of nature and the exquisiteness of its wings delights people. Another feature that makes butterflies a sight to look at, is their nature to sip nectar while flying around. Kanimozhi officially inaugurated the butterfly festival on November 29, which was held for two days.

According to a survey, there are close to 20,000 species of butterflies around the world. Following results of the survey, a poll was conducted last February, the results of which supported the idea to arrange the event.

The butterfly festival was organized in a bid to raise awareness among the students and the general public by demonstrating that the Vallanaadu Blackbuck Sanctuary is home to 80 different kinds of butterflies.

Eventually, the Tuticorin District Forest Department organized a butterfly festival at Vallanaad. A photo exhibition was set up to create awareness about the butterflies and also a book on butterflies had been published by MP Kanimozhi. Moreover, a large number of school and college students also visited the ‘one of its kind’ exhibition.

According to District Forest Officer Abhishek Tomar, ‘We decided to hold the event during November month because the sanctuary draws butterflies in enormous numbers in November every year’.

The forest department coordinated the inaugural ceremony at the Industries Development Center of Killikulam Agricultural College in cooperation with ATREE’s Agasthiyamalai Community Conservation Center at Manimuthar in Tirunelveli district.

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