#DOLO: Dogs only live once, so make it last!

What’s #DOLO? Well, ask your pet because chances are, they already know. Dogs Only Live Once. Which explains why your dog only lives in the now and never has to think further than its nose. #DOLO is a reminder to make your dog’s one life the happiest and healthiest one, for the longest time.

It also explains how pets are good for our wellbeing: they live in the moment and so ground us in turn. And because we love them so much, we only want the best in nutrition and healthcare for them so that they can live their best life, for the longest time. This is where the beloved South African heritage brand, Bob Martin, comes in with a brand-new look and campaign.

“It’s a dog’s life, and that life only happens once,” explains Su-Lise Tessendorf-Louw, Marketing Executive at Bob Martin. “So we put our over 533 dog years’ worth of experience and expertise into every product we make. We want all pets to live their happiest and most fulfilled lives, for the longest time.”

Our Bob Martin Dry Food has been reformulated to give your pet premium care at supermarket prices, ensuring they can live longer for the longest time.

“It is a bold claim,” adds Tessendorf-Louw. “But it’s one we are proud to make because of our over 130-year history in pet care and nutrition.”

With Bob Martin food your much-loved dogs will enjoy every meal while receiving the right nutrients, vitamins and protein to keep them healthy and in great condition. Bob Martin Complete Condition dog food is packed with the healthy goodness of Bob Martin Condition Tablets and is here to help you give your dogs what they need to live long, healthy lives, for the longest time.

“We’re proud to add that Bob Martin dry dog food is the only brand on the market enriched with conditioning tablets for healthy skin and coat and overall vitality. One serving size of Bob Martin dry dog food has the equivalent benefits of one Bob Martin conditioning tablet,” says Su-Lise.

With the unique Bob Martin reformulation, we are the best tasting dry dog food within retail brands in the market. Our Dry Food is protein-rich and packed with nutrient-dense ingredients that help to support a healthy immune system naturally.

“Bob Martin has some of the highest protein levels within the market, 4% higher than leading mainstream brand,” explains Su-Lise.

#DOLO is here to encourage pet owners to live in the moment with their fur kids, to make every moment in their dog’s life a great one, and to make that life a long and healthy one.

Whether it’s going for a walk, a hike, or just having a quick play session in the garden with your hound, it will make their day (and yours). Maybe you and your dog have a few bucket-list items to achieve. For example, surfing with your furry companion, seeing how many tennis balls they can fit in their mouth or taking long naps with your loving senior doggie.

No matter the activity, Bob Martin Dry Food is here to provide the necessary fuel to your furry friend’s day.

From puppy to senior, Bob Martin Dry Food offers your dog just what they need at each life stage. Our tasty formula is packed with essential nutrients, vitamins, and high protein levels to help dogs live longer for the longest time. After all, isn’t that all we want for our fur kids?

“It’s been a lot of fun to see the brand evolve and come to life online,” Tessendorf-Louw continues. “We’ve come a long way since 1892, but we will always stay true to offering only the best care and quality food for your pet.”

No matter where this iconic brand goes in the future, we know they’ll set tails wagging. Move over #YOLO, now it’s #DOLO. Dogs only live once, so make it last.

Bob Martin understands your furry companions are part of our family, which is why they offer top-quality holistic food, healthcare, and grooming products for both cats and dogs of all ages.

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Contact us at [email protected] or call us on 011 568 8355 for more information.

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