Dominic Perrottet announces wife is pregnant with couple’s seventh child

NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet has announced his wife Helen is pregnant with their seventh child.

“Our family photo wall is going to need another frame! Helen and I are thrilled to announce we have a little girl due next year,” Mr Perrottet, 39, posted on social media on Sunday night.

Dominic Perrottet has announced his wife Helen is expecting a child, the couple’s seventh.

“With five sisters already, William is looking on the bright side – more bench depth on the family basketball team.”

Mr Perrottet, who grew up with 12 siblings, has spoken fondly of being part of a large family, saying it prepared him well for a life in politics.

Asked how he would juggle his work and family responsibilities with six children after becoming Premier earlier this month, Mr Perrottet said the balance was a struggle for everyone.

“Ultimately, what I might lose in time, I gain in perspective,” he said.

Mr Perrottet’s wife Helen Perrottet is a lawyer who has previously worked for the Australian Defence Force and Australian Federal Police.

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