Donald Trump’s Hollywood Walk Of Fame star vandalised amid protests

Donald Trump’s star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame has been vandalised once again, this time with spraypaint and a bag of dog excrement.

n estimated 20,000 protesters marched through Los Angeles on Sunday as demonstrations against police treatment of black people continued across the US.

Pictures have since emerged of the president’s Walk Of Fame star – installed on Hollywood Boulevard in 2007 in recognition of Mr Trump’s TV career – blacked out with paint.


Donald Trump’s star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame has been vandalised (Gregg Donovan/PA)

The slogans FDT – an acronym believed for stand for F*** Donald Trump – and BLM, for Black Lives Matter, were spraypainted around the star.

A bag, said by one witness to contain dog excrement, was also placed on top of the installation.

Mr Trump’s star has been a frequent target of vandals and since the 2016 presidential campaign has become a battleground for his supporters and opponents.

In November 2018 a man pleaded no contest to charges of smashing the installation with a pickaxe. The star has been written on, spat on and urinated on.

The Hollywood Chamber Of Commerce, the body which oversees the Walk Of Fame, has denied repeated calls to remove the star.


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