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Dozens arrested on sixth day of Melbourne lockdown protests

Police have arrested 94 people in the Melbourne CBD and St Kilda after anti-lockdown and anti-vaccination protesters took to the streets for a sixth day.

There was significant police presence in the city today as the threat of another outbreak of violence loomed, with protest organisers trying to direct members to Luna Park in St Kilda to block roads and traffic in the area.

Police said there were small groups and arrests were a result of breaching health orders, along with other matters including outstanding warrants and drug offences.

Protesters chanted slogans like “together, united, we’ll never be divided” and at least a dozen arrests were made, according to The Age. (9News)

“All those arrested will be issued with penalty notices for breaching the CHO directions,” Victoria Police said in a statement.

“Police are disappointed to see the number of people who are continuing to breach the CHO directions and will continue to arrest and fine them if they are found to be in breach of the CHO directions.”

Police had set up at key checkpoints around Melbourne’s CBD to discourage protest activity.

Most pedestrians are stopped and asked about their movements at Flinders Street Station in an attempt to ward off any protesters hoping to take part in lockdown protest.

Around 1000 protesters have also gathered at Adelaide’s Hindmarsh square, taking a stand against lockdowns, vaccines and media coverage of the coronavirus pandemic.

Victoria Police had one of their busiest days yesterday, making 200 arrests around Melbourne and issuing more than $1 million in fines.

Today’s Melbourne protests were scheduled to kick off around midday AEST, however the police presence in the city was strong and crowds aren’t as big as they had been.

There were concerns people picnicking around Melbourne parks ahead of tonight’s AFL Grand Final could be targeted again after families were set upon by angry protesters in Blackburn Park, in the city’s east, yesterday, who tried to rip their masks off and allegedly tried to cough on them.

It comes amid growing fears Wednesday’s demonstration will become a super spreader event after a protester was hospitalised with COVID-19.

Victoria recorded 847 new local cases and one death overnight, after yesterday saw the highest daily increase this year, with 733 new local cases.

Melbourne protests police presence around CBD on day six – Saturday September 25, 2021. (9News)

The state has fallen short of its first freedom target with the government confirming the state will not hit 80 per cent first dose vaccinations by tomorrow.

Despite a record week of jabs, restrictions are unlikely to ease meaning golf, tennis, basketball and the travel limit extension remain off the cards.

Police make arrests as Melbourne protests continue for fifth day

Melburnians are also reminded to stick to the rules with curfews still in place for tonight’s AFL Grand Final.

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