Durban family disputes claims son died while enacting Tik Tok video

The Family of Revan Naicker, a Grade 7 pupil at the Effingham Primary school in Durban has disputed claims that Naicker died after carrying out an experiment he observed in a Tik Tok video.

It has been widely reported that he allegedly died of burns he sustained while setting sanitiser alight. 


According to IOL, the Greenwood Park Sector 2 CPF, on behalf of the Naiker family, said : “We would like to request that people stop spreading misinformation regarding the untimely death of their beloved child, Revan Naiker, Grade 4 pupil at Effingham Primary School.

“With regards to the circumstances of his passing, Revan had lit sanitiser which caught fire to his shirt, resulting in burns to his upper body. Revan was rushed to hospital where he was treated to second and third degree burns and later discharged.

“He thereafter consulted with a wound treatment specialist every alternate day, however, fell ill on June 6 (Sunday). Once taken to hospital, he was diagnosed with septicemia which he sadly succumbed to on Wednesday June 9.”

A Facebook post by an individual within the school fraternity on Friday said: “Today is indeed a very sad day for Effingham Heights Primary School as one of our Grade 7 learners Revan Naicker passed away.”

Revan Naicker, a pupil at the Effingham Primary school in Durban died of burns he sustained while setting sanitiser alight. He gained access to the experiment via a Tik Tok video.

“This child’s death was a serious one. He was practising what he saw on a Tik Tok video. Filled a bowl with sanitiser and lit it causing it to explode onto him. He sustained severe burns and sadly passed away yesterday [Thursday] evening. Please talk to your kids about this,” cautioned the messenger.

KwaZulu-Natal Department of Education sent its condolences to the family. Its spokesperson Muzi Mhlambi said that the incident did not happen in school premises.

“We want to confirm that the incident did not occur at school but what is important is that we, as the department, have lost one of our learners,” Mahlambi said.

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