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Dutch parties reject foreign money for election ads

Dutch political parties and major social media platforms Tuesday committed to a “code of conduct” to avoid unethical political advertising online and fight disinformation in the run-up to the country’s general election on March 17.

All the major Dutch political parties as well as social media platforms Snapchat, Facebook, Google and TikTok signed the nonbinding document.

Political parties pledged to avoid unethical microtargeting of voters, not to engage in voter suppression, to increase transparency about who is funding advertisements and refuse foreign financing for political advertising. They also committed not to use bots and troll accounts in online campaigning and not to spread misleading content like deepfake videos.

Platforms committed to publishing political ads in an online register, verify advertisers’ credentials and refuse political adverts from outside the European Union. They will also work with fact-checkers to verify information and to include references to official election websites to counter falsehoods where relevant.

Analysts working with the platforms will also publish findings about political influence campaigns in the coming weeks on a dedicated website, the government said.

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