Eerie blue-eyed humanoid robots unveiled at Russian economic forum

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Russia has unveiled Vladimir Putin’s eerie new robotic bureaucrats to fill key state posts in the future.

Male humanoid Alex boasted about his credentials as the ‘ideal civil servant’ who was never late for work.

A female robot called Dasha was also shown off.

Advantages of the humanoids in the workplace include their immunity from Covid-19, and the fact they ‘don’t take bribes’, according to one source.

Lifelike Alex was put through his paces at the Eastern Economic Forum hosted by Putin which opened this week in Vladivostok, planned by the Kremlin as a new cyborg hub on the Pacific rim.

Described as the ideal office worker, similar robots are already deployed in state service centres in Perm, say reports.

Another is due to take over from a human soon in a similar role in Yekaterinburg.

They check documents and interact between the state and people, it is claimed.

‘I’m never late, never distracted,’ announced anthropomorphic robot Alex. ‘I do not go on vacation.’

Alex here says he’s never late for work. He also has no emotions (Federal Press)

A controller asked the robot to show her a heart, and he replied: ‘No problem’, then drew an air heart with his hands.

The robots are from Promobot, a market leader, and boast blue eyes along with skin that feels human, except it’s cold as ice.

The robots are said to be modelled on the company’s co-founder Alexei Yuzhakov. And Russia has wasted no time in putting them to use. One robot teacher is scheduled to start work teaching robotics (what else?) at Tomsk State University in Siberia.

Another was last year deployed in Bergen City Science Centre, Norway.

‘Unlike the human, the robot doesn’t have to spend time studying the subject or remembering the information, the device literally remembers everything they were taught,’ said Promobot development director and co-founder Oleg Kivokurtsev.

Putin wants to replace weak, fleshy humans with fancy efficient robots (Getty)

‘The human specialises in a specific field, such as physics or biology.

‘But the robot can simultaneously be a professor of physics, biology, chemistry and any other subject, something that can simplify the educational process.’

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