EGYPT/ETHIOPIA : Responsibility for GERD bounced back to Sameh Shoukry

With the Ethiopian rainy season approaching and the third-stage filling of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) reservoir announced, a new period of tension between Egypt, and the Blue Nile neighbouring countries of Ethiopia and Sudan is looming.

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WATCH: Amadelakufa! Bus surfing on N2 Durban caught on camera

Amadelakufa! Several people were caught on camera bus surfing on the N2 in Durban on Sunday.  WATCH THE AMADELAKUFA ACTION CAUGHT ON CAMERA In the...

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The president’s tendency to avoid confrontation with his own party means we must maintain public outrage to ensure an end to state capture The post...

Full list: Kaizer Chiefs’ 19 surviving players after 12 exits

Truth be told. Kaizer Chiefs delivered on their promise to overhaul the squad. But did we all expect an exodus of 12 departures? Who...