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England chasing 170 to beat India: third women’s one-day international — live

Key events

37th over: England 129-9 (Dean 28, Davies 6) Dean is dropped by Goswami at slip! What a moment that would have been. It was a tough chance, low to her right when Dean edged a drive off Sharma.

Dean crashes a boundary through extra cover and then takes a single, a little surprisingly, after an inside edge past leg stump. Davies has three balls to survive. She edges the first for two and then drives a lovely boundary through extra cover. Where did that come from. England need 41 from 78 balls.

36th over: England 118-9 (Dean 23, Davies 0) The new batter Freya Davies digs out an excellent yorker from Goswami, who ends her wonderful career with a wicket maiden. The entire Indian team run in to embrace her, a lovely tribute to one of the all-time greats. She finishes with figures of 10-2-30-2, and an ODI career record of 255 wickets at 22.04

WICKET! England 118-9 (Cross b Goswami 10)

She’s done it! Jhulan Goswami takes a wicket in her final over, and she has still four balls to finish the match, the series and her career in the grand manner. Cross heaved across the line at an immaculate delivery that jagged back and then pegged back the leg stump.

35th over: England 118-8 (Dean 23, Cross 10) There have been so many bowling changes in this innings that I’m struggling to keep up. Sharma, on for Gayakwad, is cut for a single by Cross, the first of three from the other. Drip, drip, drip,

34th over: England 115-8 (Dean 22, Cross 8) The penultimate over of Goswami’s career is a maiden, including a big nipbacker that Dean just manages to divert onto the pad. England are taking no risks against Goswami, a sensible approach in the circumstances.

A great servant of Indian cricket. Congratulations on an outstanding career, inspiring so many women to take up the sport. Your grit and aggression always stood out. I wish you the very best. @JhulanG10 🙌🇮🇳

— Virat Kohli (@imVkohli) September 24, 2022

33rd over: England 115-8 (Dean 22, Cross 8) Not for the first time, Dean is beaten when trying to cut a skiddy delivery from Gayakwad. But she tucks the next ball round the corner for a single to keep the strike. England need 55 from 102 balls.

32nd over: England 113-8 (Dean 21, Cross 7) Jhulan Goswami on, Thakur off. Cross spoons a wide delivery over cover for the second and final run of the over. Goswami has two overs remaining.

31st over: England 111-8 (Dean 20, Cross 6) Gayakwad for Sharma. Both batters cut singles, and then Cross thumps a boundary through extra cover. Good shot. England need 59 to win.

30th over: England 104-8 (Dean 19, Cross 1) Thakur now has back-to-back four-fors.

WICKET! England 103-8 (Jones c Deol b Thakur 28)

Erm, about that striking serenity. Jones has given her wicket away, pulling Thakur flat and hard to Deol at deep midwicket. It was an excellent catch, two-handed as she dived forward, and it has all but secured victory for India. Jones stands motionless for a couple of seconds, unable to fathom what she has done, before slowly walking off. It would surely have been better to quietly see Thakur out of the attack.

India’s Renuka Singh Thakur (second right_ is congratulated by her team-mates after taking the wicket of England’s Amy Jones. Photograph: Peter Cziborra/Action Images/Reuters

29th over: England 102-7 (Jones 28, Dean 18) Deepti Sharma is tossing the ball up outside off stump. After defending a few deliveries, Jones drives expansively over mid-off for a couple. She’s batting with a striking serenity.

28th over: England 100-7 (Jones 26, Dean 18) Thakur is back, a sure sign that Harmanpreet Kaur wants a wicket quicksmart. Jones works a single to bring up the England hundred; they looked finished at 65 for seven but now they have an outside change.

27th over: England 99-7 (Jones 25, Dean 18) Deepti Sharma returns to the attack. India won’t be panicking yet, but they’d like to break this partnership before England get within, say, 50 of victory.

Dean survives a stumping referral after another superb bit of work from Bhatia. Her back foot was briefly outside the crease, but she dragged it back just in time.

26th over: England 98-7 (Jones 24, Dean 18) After nine consecutive overs of spin, Pooja Vastrakar comes into the attack. Dean times her second ball past backward point for four, an excellent stroke from an increasingly impressive cricketer. She looks a really good No9 to me – organised, decisive and always looking to score. In fact, she is quietly averaging 79 with the bat in this series.

25th over: England 92-7 (Jones 23, Dean 13) A quicker ball from Gayakwad beats Dean’s attempted cut. She takes a single off the next delivery, and that’s your lot. This partnership is now worth 27, the joint highest of the innings.

24th over: England 91-7 (Jones 23, Dean 12) Dean pulls Hemalatha towards the deep midwicket boundary, where the sprawling Gayakwad saves two runs with an excellent stop.

23rd over: England 88-7 (Jones 23, Dean 9) A maiden from Gayakwad to Jones, who is batting with calm authority. She’s had a rough summer but looked better with the bat at Canterbury.

22nd over: England 88-7 (Jones 23, Dean 9) I’ll be honest, I missed the last over.

21st over: England 85-7 (Jones 21, Dean 8) Jones flashes Gayakwad wide of slip and away for four. Later in the over, Dean edges a jaffa just short of Goswami at slip. That was a lovely delivery, which straightened sharply after pitching on middle.

20th over: England 78-7 (Jones 15, Dean 7) Another bowling change – the offspinner Dayalan Hemalatha for Gayakwad. Her first ball is too short and pulled for four by Dean, who looks a very accomplished No9 these days. While she and Jones are at the crease, England still have an outside chance.

19th over: England 72-7 (Jones 14, Dean 2) Sharma to Dean, offspinner to offspinner. One ball turns sharply and is defended confidently; then Dean cuts a shorter delivery for a single.

18th over: England 71-7 (Jones 14, Dean 1) Two right-handers at the crease, so Gayakwad is back on. Jones, who has been left alone on the burning deck, cuts nicely for four.

17th over: England 65-7 (Jones 8, Dean 0)

WICKET! England 65-7 (Kemp c Deol b Sharma 3)

The offspinner Deepti Sharma replaces Gayakwad, probably with the left-handed Freya Kemp in mind. And the plan has worked! Kemp sliced a big drive straight to backward point, where Deol took an easy catch.

England's Freya Kemp trudges off the field after being caught out by India's Harleen Deol.
England’s Freya Kemp trudges off the field after being caught out by India’s Harleen Deol. Photograph: Steven Paston/PA

16th over: England 61-6 (Jones 8, Kemp 2) Goswami replaces Thakur, who bowled a mighty spell of 7-1-22-3. No messing around with the lesser bowlers; India are going in for the kill. A good over is tarnished by a poor last delivery that Jones cuffs through mid-on for four.

15th over: England 55-6 (Jones 3, Kemp 1) England haven’t batted brilliantly, that much is true, but jeez this has been some performance in the field from India.

WICKET! England 53-6 (Ecclestone c Goswami b Gayakwad 0)

Make that six wickets for 26! Sophie Ecclestone has gone for a duck, caught superbly by Goswami at slip. She tried to cut a ball from Gayakward that skidded on to take the edge, and Goswami got down smartly to take a lovely two-handed catch just above the ground.

14th over: England 53-5 (Jones 2, Ecclestone 0) Sophie Ecclestone, backing up at the non-striker’s end, survives a run-out referral. It’s a maiden from Thakur to Jones. India are all over England, who have lost five for 26 in the last seven overs.

13th over: England 53-5 (Jones 2, Ecclestone 0) Sophie Ecclestone is the new batter. England need another 117 to win; at the moment that looks a long way off.

WICKET! England 53-5 (Wyatt b Gayakwad 8)

Another absolute jaffa! The left-arm spinner Rajeshwari Gayakwad has struck in her first over. She’d started poorly, with consecutive long hops that were cut for four by Wyatt. But she soon found her range and bowled Wyatt with a stunning delivery that curved onto middle and leg and then spat past the edge to hit the off stump. That’s a huge wicket because Wyatt has been England’s best batter in this series.

England’s Danni Wyatt is bowled out by India’s Rajeshwari Gayakwad as wicketkeeper Yastika Bhatia reacts.
England’s Danni Wyatt is bowled out by India’s Rajeshwari Gayakwad as wicketkeeper Yastika Bhatia reacts. Photograph: Peter Cziborra/Action Images/Reuters
India's Rajeshwari Gayakwad celebrates after taking the wicket of England's Danni Wyatt.
Gayakwad celebrates after taking Wyatt’s wicket. Photograph: Peter Cziborra/Action Images/Reuters

12th over: England 45-4 (Wyatt 0, Jones 2)

WICKET! England 43-4 (Dunkley b Thakur 7)

This is sensational stuff from India! Thakur has bowled Dunkley through the gate with a glorious delivery: it swing in slightly and then roared off the seam as Dunkley pushed nervously at fresh air. That’s Thakur’s third wicket, and India are suddenly looking good for a whitewash. England have slipped from 27 for nought to 43 for four.

England's Sophia Dunkley is bowled out by India’s Renuka Singh Thakur.
England’s Sophia Dunkley is bowled out by India’s Renuka Singh Thakur. Photograph: Steven Paston/PA

11th over: England 39-3 (Dunkley 3, Wyatt 0)

WICKET! England 39-3 (Goswami c Deol b Capsey 5)

Jhulan Goswami strikes in her final match! Alice Capsey slapped a short ball straight to cover, where Harleen Deol took a comfortable catch. That’s Goswami’s 254th ODI wicket and her 354th in all internationals. And it puts England in a bit of bother.

10th over: England 35-2 (Dunkley 3, Capsey 1) Thakur was left out of the first ODI last Sunday. Since being recalled, she has figures of 15-0-73-6

Meanwhile, Tanya has news of another climate protest at Lord’s.

WICKET! England 34-2 (Beaumont b Thakur 8)

Tammy Beaumont’s miserable series is complete. The ball after surviving a frankly absurd LBW review, she pushed defensively down the wrong line at a beautiful delivery from Thakur that clipped the outside of off stump. Beaumont walks off having made 21 runs in three innings.

Tammy Beaumont of England is bowled by Renuka Singh Thakur of India.
Tammy Beaumont of England is bowled by Renuka Singh Thakur of India. Photograph: Ryan Pierse/Getty Images
India's Renuka Singh Thakur celebrates after taking the wicket of England's Tammy Beaumont.
Thakur celebrates after taking Beaumont’s wicket. Photograph: Peter Cziborra/Action Images/Reuters

9th over: England 33-1 (Beaumont 8, Dunkley 2) Beaumont gets her first boundary from her 18th delivery, cuffing a short ball from Goswami through the covers. The response is a kicking legcutter; Beaumont shapes to play and then wisely thinks better of it.

8th over: England 28-1 (Beaumont 4, Dunkley 1)

WICKET! England 27-1 (Lamb st Bhatia b Thakur 21)

Lovely wicketkeeping from Yastika Bhatia! Lamb walked down the track to Thakur and missed a push outside off stump. Bhatia took the ball cleanly and, in one smooth movement, had the bails off before Lamb could get back in her crease. That was beautifully done.

7th over: England 26-0 (Beaumont 3, Lamb 21) After a long delay while her hand is strapped, Lamb belts Goswami’s next delivery down the ground for four – then almost does herself a mischief by instinctively punching gloves with Tammy Beaumont. Lamb burst out laughing as soon as she realised.

6.5 overs: England 22-0 (Beaumont 3, Lamb 17) Lamb tries to ramp Goswami, gets in a tangle and is hit on the glove, with the ball deflecting onto the side of her helmet. She looks in a bit of pain, and the physio is putting some strapping on her right hand.

6th over: England 21-0 (Beaumont 2, Lamb 17) Lamb digs out a terrific yorker from Thakur, then survives a hopeful LBW appeal after missing a whip across the line. Too high.

5th over: England 20-0 (Beaumont 2, Lamb 17) The required rate is around 3.3 per over, so Beaumont – who could do with a score – has a bit of time to play herself in. After a few more dot balls, she shovels Goswami’s final delivery behind square for a single.

4th over: England 17-0 (Beaumont 1, Lamb 16) Four more for Lamb, pulled round the corner this time. She is comfortably England’s leading runscorer in ODIs this summer, 60-odd ahead of Sophia Dunkley. Make that 60-odd plus four: she gets another boundary with a superbly timed drive through extra cover.

3rd over: England 8-0 (Beaumont 1, Lamb 7) A rare poor ball from Goswami is pulled high over midwicket for four by Lamb. She then calls Beaumont, who was run out on Wednesday, through for a very tight single. I think she would have been okay even with a direct hit.

2nd over: England 0-0 (Beaumont 0, Lamb 1) Renaku Singh Thakur, who took four wickets and bowled beautifully in the second ODI at Canterbury, shares the new ball. Her fifth ball beats Emma Lamb, who followed a wider legcutter. Lamb then scampers a single to get off the mark.

1st over: England 0-0 (Beaumont 0, Lamb 0) Goswami’s line is spot on from the start, and Beaumont – playing her 100th ODI – has little choice but to respectfully defend each delivery. A maiden.

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Thanks Tanya, hello everyone. We’re about to say farewell to one of the all-time greats. When Jhulan Goswami made her international debut in January 2002, it was January bloody 2002. She walks back onto the field, through another guard of honour, this time made by her teammates. And now she’ll begin one last new-ball interrogation.

India players and umpires form a Guard of Honour for Jhulan Goswani of India on her final international match.
India players and umpires form a Guard of Honour for Jhulan Goswani of India on her final international match. Photograph: Christopher Lee/ECB/Getty Images

For over 20 years Jhulan Goswami has run in, hit a length and blazed a trail.

She has bowled nearly 10,000 balls in ODI cricket, and she may just have inspired as many young girls to try cricket.

Thanks @JhulanG10, you’re an inspiration. pic.twitter.com/EMeCtAA5Wa

— England Cricket (@englandcricket) September 24, 2022

Time for me to hand over to Rob Smyth, who will see Goswami to her best bowling figures on her swan-song. Thanks for tuning in – bye!

England will need 170 to win

45.4 overs: India 169 all out (Sharma 68 not out) Sharma did her bit, shuffle-flicking Ecclestone for two but then gets her counting wrong, leaving Gayakwad to face three balls. She doesn’t manage one.

A pretty underwhelming total there by India unless Goswami rolls back the years in her final game. Five ducks in an innings held on the shoulders of half-centuries from Sharma and Mandhana. Fantastic work from Cross with the ball – she deserved that elusive five wickets.

WICKET! Gayakwad lbw Ecclestone 0 (India 169 all out)

Gayakwad reviews, because India have one left, but it’s a forlorn hope. The replay shows her getting forward, clearly bopped on the pad. and the ball slamming into the stumps.

45th over: India 166-9 (Sharma 65, Gayakwad 0) Sharma struggles to pierce the circle to Dean’s first couple of balls, but Dean’s third is wide and Sharma eases it through backward point for four. They steal a single off the last and Sharma will take the next over. Nicely done.

44th over: India 161-9 (Sharma 60, Gayakwad 0) An uncharacteristic nose-wrinkle of an over from Ecclestone. Three leg byes and four runs.

43rd over: India 154-9 (Sharma 56, Gayakwad 0) No cigar for Cross, but 4-26 on her Lord’s debut. Her look-a-like sister being wined and dined in the stands, looks on and smiles.

42nd over: India 153-9 (Sharma 55, Gayakwad 0) Slip-sliding to the end of the innings. Freya Kemp – 17 years old, two wickets on Lord’s debut, including a legend in her final appearance for 0. She’ll go far.

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