England v South Africa: first Test, day two – live!

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A long day, ending at seven, with the late summer sun already falling away. Advantage South Africa, who patiently gathered the runs they were offered and stored them nicely to the side. Are England missing the practise that comes with Championship cricket? It is hard to tell, as they are often rested from such games – I’m sure Ben Stokes will let us know in time. That’s it from us for today – thanks for sticking with our new system, quirks and all. Good night!

I wrote this yesterday – We seem to be stuck in a paradox wherein England’s Test players are simultaneously overworked and undercooked. One feels a degree of sympathy for Lees, but little for a set-up that allows such nonsense to develop.

— Gary Naylor (@garynaylor999) August 18, 2022

Jack Leach, who had a good day”: “We are behind in the game but we’ve stuck at it really well. Trying to take wickets, it’s hard to sum up right now, but we could have got a few more. Got to keep at it. We were creating half-chances, we have to stick at it.

“I can feel Stokesy at mid-off, I feel that belief in me, and try to make the most of it. It is a mixture of things, confidence after playing enough Test cricket to learn through those games, and belief from performances.”

That felt like a mini epic – defiantly South Africa’s day but endlessly entertaining by England who threw themselves at it. After keeping things tight after that opening South African partnership, and Stokes flogging himself almost into the dust, Jensen and Maharaj took the South African lead from handy to important.

Stumps: South Africa 289-7, lead by 124 runs

77th over: South Africa 289-7 ( Jansen 41, Rabada 3) Stokes screams in for the last over of the day, but Jansen is up to it and spins to the fifth, pulling Stokes past a diving Bairstow to the rope. He ducks safely under the final bouncer and that is stumps!

76th over: South Africa 285-7 ( Jansen 37, Rabada 3) Leach wheels in for what might be the last over of the day, but in fact he’s so quick that they’ll squeeze in one more Rabada edges the last ball but it squeezes past the slip and he picks up two.

75th over: South Africa 283-7 ( Jansen 37, Rabada 1) Stokes gets his man, but not before the pendulum has swung.

Why do England look so tired @tjaldred? They’ve only bowled 72 overs and it’s not exactly scorching. Most have had weeks to prepare for this.

— Gary Naylor (@garynaylor999) August 18, 2022

I don’t have an answer to this! Perhaps just that Test cricket is exhausting when you’re not in the groove?

WICKET! Maharaj c Potts b Stokes 41 (South Africa 282-7)

That feels a bit like a wicket bought – 41 from 49 balls and a very handy little innings, which finishes with a blind flurry at a Stokes bouncer, well caught by Potts in the eye of the falling sun.

74th over: South Africa 277-6 ( Jansen 39, Maharaj 34) Oh dear. Maharaj takes no pity on his ex-Lancashire colleague, cracking two pitch-perfect fours.

Hi Tanja,” Hi Eva!

“I am not surprised that the comments box experiment has been temporarily suspended – I always feel that OBOers are like Archers listeners: not too keen on change.I wonder how large the overlap of these two groups is…I much prefer the e-mail option, btw!”

I think the venn diagram would be interesting! What else would you put in the mix? Real ale?

73rd over: South Africa 269-6 ( Jansen 34, Maharaj 31) Stokes has had quite enough, and in the manner of an elder sibling who can’t bear to let his siblings incompetently complete a task, grabs the ball. But it doesn’t quite work out. Jansen spins him to long-off where Jimmy Anderson gives chase,and they run four. A couple more in the same direction are chased down by Stokes as there are no fielders in place in this unorthodox field. Jansen hoists six from a short one, then four more. The lead stretches to 104.

72nd over: South Africa 253-6 ( Jansen 18, Maharaj 31) When all else fails, turn to Anderson. Maharah fizzes him through the covers for four, then leans back and absolutely pancakes him over midwicket for four more. In the last four overs, South Africa have picked up 27.

71st over: South Africa 243-6 ( Jansen 18, Maharaj 21) The dam rather leaking here in the last half hour. Seven off Leach including a lanky loft by Jansen to the long-on boundary.

70th over: South Africa 236-6 ( Jansen 14, Maharaj 18) Maharaj and Jansen rather milk Potts here, a four each as the lead creeps up to 71. A good crowd staying on to watch the last hurrah in the sun, as the rain falls outside my window.

69th over: South Africa 227-6 ( Jansen 10, Maharaj 12) And from the pavilion end this time, with half an hour left in the day, Jack Leach. His last ball nearly squeaks through the gap between Jansen’s bat and pad.

68th over: South Africa 226-6 ( Jansen 10, Maharaj 12) A maiden from the plucky Potts.

67th over: South Africa 220-6 ( Jansen 10, Maharaj 12) The shadow of a floodlight bisects the batter and the slips. Maharaj hits two boundaries in three balls off Broad, one an edge through the slips that has Broad down on his haunches, the other cuts a pie.

In defence of Bazball from Tim Maitland, “Before we all start writing Bazball obituaries, isn’t the state of this test match down to the toss and the enormous difference in the bowling conditions from day one to day two?

“If South Africa had batted first, they too would be struggling to avoid being put in a losing position by now.”

66th over: South Africa 216-6 ( Jansen 9, Maharaj 3) Potts ploughs on as the afternoon dips. Every run worth double.

65th over: South Africa 215-6 ( Jansen 9, Maharaj 2) Jansen edges, but there isn’t a slip so the ball drops into the shadows. Broad keeps Maharaj on his toes. The camera pans back and the crowd sprinkled in red look like fruit on a merrily-laden cherry tree. The lead creeps up to fifty.

Hello Daniel Lees: “I kid ye not. Every time I leave the room to cook dinner for me and the boss, plus the kids (two separate pasta dishes….successful parents that we’re not) we take a wicket. Given my late afternoon consumption of rose wine, you can expect the remaining 4 wickets to fall before close of play. After that, I’ll just cross my legs and stay in the room, promise!”

64th over: South Africa 210-6 ( Jansen 6, Maharaj 0) A 6:3 leg-side field as Potts runs in to Maharaj, ex of Lancashire and Yorkshire. Just the one run.

63rd over: South Africa 210-6 ( Jansen 6, Maharaj 0) Somewhere in the ether someone, apologies if it was you, sent a great message about how under Stokes’ captaincy games don’t drift. I now can’t find it but it was very observant. England, inspired by their captain, clinging on with both hands to this South African innings, desperate not to let it escape out of sight. And the lead has been restricted to 45.

WICKET! Verreynne c Foakes b Broad 11 (South Africa 210-6)

Dangle, dangle: Verreynne caught in two minds in the crease, some extra bounce, and a slither of an edge. Stuart Broad’s 100th Test wicket at Lord’s!

Stuart Broad sees off Kyle Verreynne. Photograph: Gareth Copley/Getty Images

62nd over: South Africa 210-5 ( Jansen 6, Verreynne 11) From nowhere, Verreynne goes on the charge, slashing at Leach and skewing him ugly and wide for three. Nearly, nearly, but no cigar.

61st over: South Africa 206-5 ( Jansen 5, Verreynne 8) Did I mention the slips? England still have plenty. Four await Stuart Broad but no reward. With an hour or so to go, the lead is 41. England playing cagey, teasing cricket.

I think that the new box contraption has now been retired for the day – so feel free to email me at the usual address: tanya.aldred.freelance@theguardian.com

60th over: South Africa 202-5 ( Jansen 3, Verreynne 5) One off Leach’s over, and they pause for the final drinks break of the day.

Harry has been scratching around with a pencil. “By my (admittedly out of date) B grade in GCSE maths calculations, if Jimmy is still bowling in internationals at the beginning of next year, he’ll be closer to 60 than the age he was (21) when he first played his debut (vs. Zimbabwe, 22nd May 2003). (Quite remarkable – although it would be handy to have the version of his early self bowling this afternoon to level things up a little)

59th over: South Africa 201-5 ( Jansen 3, Verreynne 5) Time for Stokes to rest that knee and Stuart Broad to pick up the tab. The sun on his bronzed face turns him briefly into a modern day Botticelli angel. He dangles temptation but the towering Jansen resists.

“This” writes Jon D, “is a tough South Africa side and won’t fold as easily as NZ and India. It is going to come down to England’s middle order versus South Africa’s top order. I think South Africa will take it as their technique is superior to England.”

58th over: South Africa 200-5 ( Jansen 3, Verreynne 5) Verreynne cuts Leach through point and over the rope to release the tension.

57th over: South Africa 195-5 ( Jansen 2, Verreynne 1 ) Ooooff, Stokes’s leg doesn’t look pretty. It gives way in the follow through after one ball and then he limps back to his mark. A last ball no ball tests his patience but he duly turns on the thunder once more. Surely that must be it for this (magnificent) spell.

“Hello from the People’s Republic of South Yorkshire (Sheffield),” writes Nick. “England’s batting, for all the magic we’ve seen in the last four tests, still clearly has deep flaws and against a proper pace attack they’ve come up woefully short. ||I remember a few months ago McCullum said that Crawley would never be a consistent player, but he’d back him 100%. But is it even possible to have a successful career as an inconsistent test opener? There’s only so many times a team can find themselves at 20-2 and 50-4 and recover, before they eventually start getting blown away by good bowling attacks.||Already in this test we’re seeing excuses for Eng’s first innings, with commentators saying most batsmen got out to good balls. But Eng have bowled plenty of good balls and beaten the edge themselves, so why aren’t South Africa’s batsmen getting out to them quite so easily? At some point you’ve got to question their concentration as well as their techniques.”

WICKET! Van der Dussen lbw Stokes 19 (South Africa 192-5)

And the new ball does the business! Stokes slams one into VDD’s knee-roll which provokes such a jolt that he embarks on one of most hopeless reviews on record. He’s shortly on his way and Stokes is in one of his magic spells.

Ben Stokes appeals successfully for the wicket of Rassie van der Dussen.
Ben Stokes appeals successfully for the wicket of Rassie van der Dussen. Photograph: Julian Finney/Getty Images

56th over: South Africa 192-4 ( vd Dussen 19, Jansen 1 ) Another maiden from Leach, and after half an hour of being on top, England ask, and get, the balls changed.

55th over: South Africa 192-4 ( vd Dussen 19, Jansen 1 ) Fully distracted by my daughter reading out the Royal Family’s A level results, but can reliably say that was great ball by Stokes. His career in a nutshell – 100 percent skill, 200 percent effort.

WICKET! Erwee c Foakes b Stokes 73 (South Africa 187-4)

The enforcer does the trick! A ripsnorter straight at the neck – Erwee could do nothing but try and get out of the way, succeeding only in billowing a catch to Foakes. Stokes has a good belly laugh.

Sarel Erwee fails to evade a short ball from Stokes.
Sarel Erwee fails to evade a short ball from Stokes. Photograph: Ben Whitley/ProSports/REX/Shutterstock

54th over: South Africa 185-3 (Erwee 71, vd Dussen 15) A sleepy passage of play, who will blink first? Van der Dussen enlivens five dots by sweeping Leach to the rope.

“I see South Africa have fallen into our trap, “ muses Richard Morris. “We’re allowing them to bat and bat and bat and bat until late tomorrow, when we will be put in, score 100 in the last half hour before stumps, then 700 on our favoured 4th day pitch before scuttling them out on the fifth day morning for 50 odd. Amazed they’ve fallen for it.”

53rd over: South Africa 181-3 (Erwee 71, vd Dussen 11) A smart bit of fielding by Pope at short leg denies Erwee a run that would have prevented a maiden. As it is, Stokes’ six balls of henchman short stuff do the business and keep the scoreboard from ticking over.

52nd over: South Africa 181-3 (Erwee 71, vd Dussen 11) The run of maidens comes to an end but South Africa aren’t in a hurry and Erwee plays Leach with hesitation, almost knocking the ball onto his own stumps.

SA playing Bazball better than England: they’ve reached 165 in almost the same time (45.5 overs to England’s 45), but lost only three wickets to England’s 10.

— Lawrence Booth (@the_topspin) August 18, 2022

51st over: South Africa 178-3 (Erwee 68, vd Dussen 11) And a Stokes maiden – that’s the ticket, England.

50th over: South Africa 178-3 (Erwee 68, vd Dussen 11) A Leach maiden.

Hi Tanya,” Hello Shelia! “How sustainable do you think Bazball going to be moving forward? This high-octane, steal-it-at-the end drama seems to be functional on players’ form during that day or series. Can form win a team test series consistently.

I think a lot of it depends on the aura. If opposition teams think you can chase anything, and you think the same, the impossible becomes possible. As soon as you lose the aura, the concept pops pretty quickly. But it is definitely fun while it lasts!

49th over: South Africa 178-3 (Erwee 68, vd Dussen 11) Ben Stokes shrugs on the bowling mantle and his first ball nearly does the business as van der Dussen inside-edges, misses the stumps, and Foakes, and picks up a boundary.

48th over: South Africa 174-3 (Erwee 68, vd Dussen 7) Erwee top edges a reverse-sweep off Leach over the slips for three, and vd Dussen bookends the over with three more. A small nesting of egg and bacon blazers watches from the stand while Chris Martin from Coldplay talks to Isa Guha. He seems not to have aged in the last 20 years.

47th over: South Africa 168-3 (Erwee 65, vd Dussen 4) Five dots from Anderson and a shimmy to fine leg which brings three.

“Currently at Peppa Pig world,” taps Rich into the new interface with impressive fortitude.||”With 50minutes of play left (here), I fancy England’s chances of bowling SA out before the end of the day, are better than mine for avoiding small people melting down in the gift shop.”

Hope you can get away with a Peppa pencil and notebook.

46th over: South Africa 165-3 (Erwee 62, vd Dussen 4) scores level Nicely bowled by Leach, who has a spring in his step right now. He continues to bowl with loop, the one flatter delivery is thumped through the covers by van der Dussen. I do, incidentally love this England kit with the red lettering and the red ribbon round umpire Illingworth’s hat.

WICKET! Markram c Foakes b Leach 16 (South Africa 160-3)

Leach’s first ball after tea! A spaghetti edge as Markram pushes forward and Foakes gathers as effortlessly as wafting away a fly. Tossed up and Markram couldn’t resist.

Jack Leach takes the wicket of Aiden Markram.
Jack Leach takes the wicket of Aiden Markram. Photograph: Ben Whitley/ProSports/Shutterstock

45th over: South Africa 160-2 (Erwee 62, Markram 16) Anderson picks up after tea with Lord’s bathed in late summer sunshine, shirt sleeves in the pavilion, T-shirts in the stands – which have spaces now. Erwee picks up a couple and that’s the over.

The players are out after tea, the shadow from the pavilion now encroaching onto the pitch by 6-8 foot. This is a key session for England now – they need to fork fast through this South African innings before they settle in for the evening. Let’s see what Jack Leach can do after those promising early overs.

No fast bowler has taken more wickets than Kagiso Rabada since his debut. By the time the next FTP cycle is completed he will be 32. It’s an absolute travesty that an potential all-time great will not get the opportunity to play the amount of Test matches he deserves. pic.twitter.com/TdIaotIL0x

— Sam 🏏⚽️🏈 (@sammy5456) August 18, 2022

Tea: South Africa 158-2, seven runs behind England.

44th over: South Africa 158-2 (Erwee 60, Markram 16) A screamer from Leach, fizzing off the pitch, into the gloves of Foakes, who nips off the bails. Markram’s foot is safely parked, but a nice little marker just before tea. Markram, who picked up another four from the over, picks up his bat and heads towards the dressing room. That’s tea at Lord’s and tea here in Manchester. Back in five with a cuppa.

43rd over: South Africa 154-2 (Erwee 60, Markram 1) On TMS, Alastair Cook comments that Erwee and Markram are “big strong lads” and they certainly don’t seem intimidated by Jimmy Anderson and his sharp bowling and matching trim. Markram stoops to drive – slamming him through the covers for four, before being beaten by a beauty a couple of balls later.

42nd over: South Africa 149-2 (Erwee 60, Markram 7) Leach gets his first bowl of the afternoon and cranks out a maiden for his efforts.

41st over: South Africa 149-2 (Erwee 60, Markram 7) Ah! I now have a deluge of comments – too many to count – so apologies that you’ve been ignored. A tight over from Anderson – just the single, as Phil Sawyer ponders over the afternoon.

“Good afternoon, Tanya. At the moment I’m wondering what to make for tea and whether I can get someone else to finish this contract for me. Well the box did say ‘Send us your thoughts’. It didn’t specify about what.”

40th over: South Africa 148-2 (Erwee 59, Markram 7) Markram isn’t hanging around doing nothing until his buttery tea cake arrives, kisses Potts through the covers for a tasty boundary.

39th over: South Africa 143-2 (Erwee 58, Markram 3) “I’d already sent you a message on the message thing, which said “Hi Tanya, So, does this message thing actually work?” emails Tim Maitland.

“I think we have our answer, don’t you?” Ahem, with a tweak here and there I’m sure all will be well. Anyway, it’s not the sort of problem Jimmy Anderson has, as he eases into a new spell and his fifth decade of bowling. SA gather a few singles as tea approaches.

38th over: South Africa 140-2 (Erwee 56, Markram 2) Four slips await Markram, but he picks up a couple almost straight away. Smart bowling from Potts, nigglingly accurate and the wicket v deserved.

WICKET! Petersen c Bairstow b Potts 24 (South Africa 138-2)

The breakthrough! Petersen jabs and Bairstow swallows a smart catch at second slip. Potts clenches both fists and smiles.

Matthew Potts celebrates the wicket of Keegan Petersen.
Matthew Potts celebrates the wicket of Keegan Petersen. Photograph: Ashley Western/Colorsport/Shutterstock

37th over: South Africa 138-1 (Erwee 56, Petersen 24)

35th over: South Africa 136-1 (Erwee 54, Petersen 24) We get a close up of a bottle or organic Prosecco being opened onto the Lord’s lawn. I think Potts could do with a little pick-me-up: a gentle frown crosses his brow as he muscles through another over, a good un, tempting Petersen into a stroke off the last ball.

34th over: South Africa 134-1 (Erwee 54, Petersen 22) South Africa nearly gift England a wicket with a hopeless quick single. It would have been curtains if Broad had hit in his follow through, but he didn’t and the ball skews off for three overthrows. An irritated looking Broad stalks away.

33rd over: South Africa 130-1 (Erwee 51, Petersen 21) A half volley drifts down from Potts and Petersen pounces, pinging it through the covers. Otherwise tight stuff from Potts.

Could someone possibly send a message on the new system as I’m not sure if I’m receiving them or not?

Fifty for Erwee!

33rd over: South Africa 124-1 (Erwee 51, Petersen 15) And a dash of a drive through the covers brings up Erwee’s fifty, which is warmly applauded on the South African balcony. Just his fifth Test and he already looks like the kind of irritating opener England might dream of, were Bazball not the vogue. The deficit drops to just 41.

Sarel Erwee celebrates reaching his fifty.
Sarel Erwee celebrates reaching his fifty. Photograph: Julian Finney/Getty Images

32nd over: South Africa 117-1 (Erwee 47, Petersen 13) Erwee edges towards his half century – a pokey single to hand the rest of the over to Petersen, who picks up a couple more. An accurate over from Potts. McCullum watches from the balcony in what I initially thought was a pair of fishnet stockings, but turns out to be the lattice work on the bottom of his trainers. I must get those new glasses.

“The cricket team have been playing completely against the grain of prevailing misery gripping the country thus far this summer, so it’s good they’ve reverted to historical form!” James, they aim to please.

31st over: South Africa 117-1 (Erwee 46, Petersen 13) Petersen gets a thick edge which flies where gully might have been and makes its merry way down to the rope. Broad, bandanared, looks mildly irritated, to a background crowd predominately red to celebrate Ruth Strauss day.

30th over: South Africa 108-1 (Erwee 42, Petersen 8) Thanks Tim! I look forward immensely to the new thoughts box though on my screen I’ve hit a rip in the timeline where the 28th over endlessly repeats itself. Anyway, here comes the energetic Potts, with the bright eyes of a bushy tailed new bank clerk. This and that happens and South Africa add three to the score.

29th over: South Africa 105-1 (Erwee 39, Petersen 8) When England have been good, they’ve often been too goos. Anderson produces another peach now, an inswinger that somehow misses the outside edge as a rather puzzled Petersen tries to work out other to play it or not. It’s a maiden to Anderson, who now has one for 19 off 11 overs of master-craftsmanship.

That’s drinks, with SA still well on top. Time for me to pass the baton to the inimitable Tanya Aldred. Thanks for your company and your thoughts on the game and the controversial new thoughts box.

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