England’s health service staff to get 3 percent pay rise

England’s National Health Service staff will receive a 3 percent pay rise backdated to April, the U.K. government announced today.

The increase comes after an initial offer of 1 percent that was widely lambasted by staff, unions and opposition parties. The 3 percent rise is in line with the recommendations of two remuneration review bodies and would see the average nurse receiving an extra £1,000 a year.

“NHS staff are rightly receiving a pay rise this year despite the wider public sector pay pause, in recognition of their extraordinary efforts,” said Health Secretary Sajid Javid in a statement.  

However, it’s unclear whether unions will accept the offer, with the Royal College of Nursing for example, originally demanding a 12.5 percent pay rise. The rise also doesn’t include several groups such as junior doctors, GPs and specialist doctors that are on pay contract deals already.

Wednesday’s announcement, which confirms what London Playbook reported earlier this week, was announced several hours after Minister for Care Helen Whately failed to mention the expected pay rise in separate comments. After her remarks prompted a backlash, Whately said that the government was still “considering” the recommendations.

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